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Simple and easy to do real-time chat and share information

Topic-based real-time chat

You can write title and description in the same way as email and chat for each topic.

File sharing

You can attach files to the topic and share them.

Easy to find a past of discussion

Since the conversation are divided by topics, it's easy to find and follow the discussion

Be the team that knowledge is shared

In the same way as mailing list , you can set the group and members. In a group, you can communicate with members and share the knowledge.

Slack integration

You can integrate seamlessly and notify discussion on Oneteam into Slack.

Add to Slack

Work with a team, wherever you are

Real-time notification

You will be notified by push notification per every single message

Syncs across all devices

Avaliable for desktop and native mobile apps, any time. Always in sync.


SSL Encryption

All transmissions are encrypted with SSL/TLS.

Issuing of individual domains

We issue unique domains for each company.

Scalable / Reliable

We use the proven and highly trusted Amazon Web Service.

Voice of Oneteam customer

Utilizing Oneteam for new branch office opening!

Gimic Inc.
Employees: 100 / Industry: Degital media and book publishing


Reduced meeting times by 20%!

B Trade Partners inc.
Employees: 25 / Industry: Outsourcing of sales support


Over 2,500 great teams used Oneteam, including:

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