Your team, in the palm of your hand.

Co-working communication for Business

Product features

Know your team

Rich self-introduction pages

Members can easily upload photos from Instagram or your smartphone to create a complete self-introduction.

Make common factors
among members visible

Seeing which members share interests creates opportunities that stimulate communication.

Get connected,
anytime, anywhere

You can search employee information with the smartphone app from your employee list with photos.

Rich administrative function

Flexible group creation/editing

You can quickly grasp your number of employees and the organization of your team, greatly reducing the workload of human resources.

Create original questionnaires
for your team

You can create profile questions asking things such as motivations for entering the company or goals while working at the company and set them uniquely to specific team accounts.

Import several members
at once with CSV

You can easily import employee information from existing employee information.

Advanced security

Security standards

We use the proven and highly trusted Amazon Web Service.

Issuing of individual domains

We issue unique domains for each company.

SSL Encryption

All transmissions are encrypted with SSL/TLS.

TRUSTe Certified

Our personal information protection policy is in compliance with global standards.


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